What's Biting?

Make sure to check all FWC Regulations before keeping any fish!

Blue Runner
Otherwise known as Hardtail are usually small and weighing in at under 1lb. this species is easy and fun to catch with small tackle while using shrimp or squid. Hardtails are also known to attack small jigs as well.
Lady Fish
We call these fish poor man's tarpon due to the way they jump out of the water when hooked. The average size of a ladyfish is from 1lb to 3lbs. we recommend any top-water lure, jigs, spoons, bubble rigs, and caution tape (yes you read that correct) this species will eat anything they can get their mouth around.
One of the Meaner species in the water so watch out for those teeth. A Bluefish averages from 1lb to 5lbs but we have caught some that are closer to the 10lbs size. We recommend a heavy leader that will resist their sharp teeth. These fish are known to attack bubble rigs, spoons, and jigs.
Redfish are great fighters but make sure to check the size before you keep the fish. Make sure to release them alive if you do catch one outside of their slot limit. Redfish love to eat Shrimp and medium to large minnows but have also been known to eat jigs as well.
Another delicious eating fish that averages from 1lb to 4lbs. These fish can be found on the bottom waiting to attack his favorite bait minnows and shrimp. Green, and white jigs have been known to work as well as strip bait. Click Here to view the FWC Regulations!
Arguably the best tasting fish in our emerald green waters. This species averages from 1lb to 4lbs and are quite the fighters compared to their small size. A Pompano's favorite bait are Sand Fleas but are also known to take gobble down some shrimp as well. Click Here to view the FWC Regulations!
King Mackerel
Big Game Fish that averages from 15lbs to 35lbs. These fish are fast, strong, and smart. They also have sharp teeth so Steel Leader is best with 15-25lb test line. A king's favorite baits are Live or dead cigar minnows as well as spoons. Great dinner fare. Click Here to view the FWC Regulations!
Spanish Mackerel
Spanish mackerel average from 1lb to 4lbs and are great tasting fish. We recommend tying on a gotcha plug, white jig or a bubble rig to catch this species but make sure you are using a metal or heavy leader as these fish have sharp teeth. Click Here to view the FWC Regulations!
If you hook one of these be prepared for a fight because this fish averages from 60lbs to 150lbs. These monsters are traditionally caught on live L.Y.s (small bait fish) but tend to attack swim baits as well, the more noodly the better! Make sure you "bow to the king" when they jump out of the water. Click Here to view the FWC Regulations!
Jack Crevalle
Hooking one of these is like fighting a pick-up truck. They are a strong fishing with amazing low speed strength and will not give up. This species averages around 20lbs to 35lbsand be caught using almost any jig or bait on heavy tackle.
Whiting (Gulf Kingfish)
A Small fish that averages from 1lb to 2lbs with no special tackle needed. Thought to prefer high wave action areas such as sand bars where the crashing waves dislodge and suspend small crabs and other small crustaceans. Feeds on fishes and invertabrates.
Blackfin Tuna
Another big game fish that averages from 22lbs to 30lbs. This Species is a challenge! They are powerful, quick, and smart. We recommend 25-30lb test line while throwing some of their favorite baits, Cigar minnows. Great table fair provided you bleed and ice them immediately.
Cobia are excellent eating big game fish that can reach up to 100lbs. anglers can expect to catch pelagic species with a wide range of artificial lures as well as live Eels. We recommend heavy line at or above 30lbs. Click Here to view the FWC Regulations!
Bonito (Little Tunny)
Another Strong fighting fish that averages from 10lbs to 15lbs. Also known as a "Little Tunny" the Bonitos favorite bait are white jigs and minnows. Bonito are a lot of fun to catch with light tackle to test your skills.
This species is plentiful in our waters but not the easiest fish to catch due to their close-proximity to the pilings. An average Sheepshead can weigh from 4lbs to 8lbs. their favorite bait is live shrimp, but sand fleas are a close second. Sheepshead are a finicky species that will ignore most dead baits. Click Here to view the FWC Regulations!
Mahi Mahi
A rare catch at our pier, the Dolphinfish, otherwise known as Mahi Mahi, is a quick species that averages from 10lbs to 30lbs. The Mahi we catch at the Pier are on the smaller end. A Mahi's Favorite bait are small bright colored jigs and minnows. Click Here to view the FWC Regulations!
Another rare catch at Okaloosa Island pier, the Sailfish is a very strong fighter that will test your skills. The Sailfish we see average from 30lbs to 60lbs. Their favorite bait is live cigar minnows.
Black Drum
A sister of the Red Drum, The Black Drum is a slow ,strong fighter that will give an angler a run for his money. The Black Drums we catch at Okaloosa Island Pier average from 15lbs to 30lbs. A Black Drums Favorite Baits are Shrimp. Click Here to view the FWC Regulations!